Fruchtbarkeit steigern

Increase fertility

Impairment of the fertility may have various reasons. The reason must not necessarily be an illness. Stress due to the living circumstances and due to wrong expectations, contaminates and psychological aspects may directly or indirectly be of importance.

Possible reasons on the side of the womanFrau

  • Various hormonal disorders
  • Completely or partially closed oviducts
  • Endometriosis, which means growth of tissue
    similar to endometrium outside the uterus
  • Quite rare reasons are malformations of ovaries, oviducts or the uterus
  • Extremely rare are reactions of the immune system against the body's own egg cells or against the sperm cells of the partner
  • Certain surface defects of the egg cells may cause that no sperm cells can be taken in
  • Very rare are inherent causes in the sense of chromosomal malformations


Possible reasons on the side of the man Mann

  • Insufficient number of well movable, normal sperm cells
  • Smoking is the most frequent reason for sperm production disorders
  • The most frequent reasons are an early mumps infection, undescended testicles in childhood which was treated too late, environmental pollution, stress or hormonal disorders
  • In rare cases chromosomal malformations of the man are the reason
  • Infections may temporarily have an adverse effect on the medical findings
  • In rare cases sperm transportation is disturbed

In many cases there are reasons on the side of both partners for the involuntary childlessness.
Often the involuntary childlessness results from a combinations of both partners' problems. of infertility

Some couples can be helped just by giving them some advice or with simple compounds.
Half of all couples with severe impairments of the fertility who consulted the reproduction specialist in due time can be helped to have their own child.

About 50% of all IVF-treated couples get a child from the applied treatment methods within four treatment attempts. Some of our patients already get their third child thank to our treatment.

General legal provisions and the rules of professional conduct to which reproductive treatments in Germany are subject to guarantee a high treatment quality and save your sperm cells, egg cells and embryos from commercial misuse.

Social Freezing

Social Freezing

Plan now - and set-up your family later

Why should you give up anything at a young age? Now the job offer is so lucrative? The right partner at your side has not yet been found? No problem! Your personal family planning takes time.

By freezing your eggs as a young woman, biological time 'stands still' for you. The chance of getting pregnant later on is as high as it was at the time when you froze the eggs.

For more information on Social Freezing as a way to maintain fertility, please ask us.