Up to date an acceptable rate of pregnancies in IVF is only possible by extracting several egg cells, fertilization and transfer of several embryos. Therefore our patients receive substances as from the beginning of the treatment cycle which cause a simultaneous maturation of several egg cells in the ovaries. Each human being is an individual, therefore the type of treatment is intensively fine-tuned with you beforehand.

Are you older than 38 years and wish to have a child?
The functionality of you ovaries can be tested which gives you an impression of your personal chances of fulfilling the desire to have a child.

Tests in the first half of the cycle

  • Ultra sound scan of the ovaries
    in order to determine their current functionality reserves
  • Vascular blood flow measurements (Colour Doppler-ultrasound examination)
    in order to determine the blood circulation in the follicles and in the uterus
  • Hormone examination of the blood

Tests in the second half of the cycle

  • Colour Doppler-ultrasound examination:
    Special patters of blood circulation in the corpora lutea?
  • Hormone examination of the blood

Further optimization procedures within the scope of IVF significantly increase your chances for your own child.
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