Fertility restriction can have different causes. There does not always have to be a disease. Stress from life circumstances and from false expectations of success, pollutants and psychological aspects can be directly or indirectly significant.

Possible causes for the woman

  • Various hormonal disorders
  • Completely or partially blocked fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis, this means growth of endometrium outside the uterus
  • Hormonal disorders of various kinds (pituitary gland, ovary, adrenal cortex, thyroid gland) can lead to disorders of oocyte maturation.
  • Less common are malformations of the ovaries, fallopian tubes or uterus
  • Extremely rare are reactions of the immune system against the partner’s own eggs or against the sperm cells.
  • Certain surface defects of the oocytes can cause that no sperm can be taken up
  • Very rarely, congenital causes in the sense of chromosomal malformations are

Possible causes for the man

  • Insufficient number of well-motile normal spermatozoa
  • Smoking is the most common cause of spermatogenesis disorders
  • The most common causes are previous mumps infection, undescended testicles treated too late in childhood, environmental exposure, stress, or hormonal imbalances
  • In rare cases, chromosomal malformations of the male can be responsible
  • Infections can temporarily worsen the findings
  • In rarer cases, sperm transport is disrupted

In many cases, there are reasons for involuntary childlessness in both partners.
Often, involuntary childlessness results from a combination of problems of both partners.

The treatment of infertility

Some couples can be helped with simple advice or simple remedies. Half of all couples with severe fertility problems who consult a reproductive physician in time because of an unfulfilled desire to have a child can be helped to have their own child.

Approximately 50% of all IVF-treated couples have a child from the treatment procedure within four treatment attempts. Some of our patients already have the 3rd child through our treatment.

The general and professional legal framework to which reproductive medical treatment in Germany is subject guarantees you a high quality of treatment and protects your sperm cells, oocytes and embryos from commercial misuse.

Social Freezing

Plan now – and realize your family later

Why would you give up anything now at a young age? Now the job offer is so lucrative?
The right partner at your side is not yet found? No problem! Your personal family planning takes time.

By freezing your eggs as a young woman, biological time “stops” for you. The chance of getting pregnant later is just as high as when you froze the eggs.

For more information on Social Freezing as a fertility preservation option, please see our flyer.