The treatment

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All fertility treatments are offered with own or donor sperm for couples and singles.
To date, acceptable pregnancy rates in IVF have only been possible through multiple oocyte retrieval, fertilization, and transfer of multiple embryos. Therefore, from the beginning of the treatment cycle, our patients receive substances that cause simultaneous maturation of several oocytes in ovaries. Each person is individual, so we will intensively coordinate the type of treatment with you beforehand.

Are you older than 38 years and have an unfulfilled desire to have children?
Ovarian function testing provides you with an assessment of your personal chance of fulfilling your desire to have a child.

Exams in the first half of the cycle

  • Checking the tubal patency with ultrasound (HyFoSy with ExEm Foam)
  • Ultrasound examination of the ovaries to assess the current functional reserve.
  • Measurement of blood flow in the vessel (color Doppler ultrasound examination) to assess blood flow to the follicles in the ovary (follicular blood flow) and blood flow to the uterus
  • Hormone testing from the blood

Exams in the second half of the cycle

  • Color Doppler ultrasound examination: special blood flow pattern in the corpus luteum (corpus luteum flow)
  • Hormone tests from the blood

Increase your chance of having your own child with further optimization procedures as part of IVF.
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